Jim and Kelly

By | January 21, 2010

I have added a couple of more author blogs to the resources pageJim C. Hines and Kelly McCullough.

Both of these authors are actually new discoveries for me.  I just discovered them in the past year.  Both have had reviews done fairly recently on this site as well.

Jim is the author of the Princess series which takes the classic Disney characters and puts a Grimm’s meets Charley’s Angels sort of spin on them.  Read the review for The Mermaid’s Madness.  He also has a Goblin trilogy out that I have read great things about.  Since I know I like his writing style, I will have to pick those up and review them at some point as well.

Kelly is the author of the Ravirn series.  I have reviewed Cybermancy, Codespell, and MythOS so far on this site.  These books are a fun mix of Greek mythology, cyberpunk, and fantasy.  They are a blast to read and his fun quirky style is a pleasure to read.

I encourage you to check out their sites and if you haven’t, pick up a copy of their books.  I enjoy following both of them outside of their novels and you might too.

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