Keeping Busy

By | January 20, 2010

Well I have been managing to keep busy, though haven’t been posting as much on this site. I have been focusing more on building up Epic Plains, though have been working on the 52 Photo Project. (Finally got my picture for the week posted, but might try to get some more tonight!)

Epic Plains is going rather well actually. I have been posting a number of book reviews along with other content. The readership has built up enough that I am actually splitting it off from my regular account. (You will notice this if you follow my facebook statuses.) I was having the feeds post a link to my Olorinpc Twitter account, but I have ended up starting an EP Facebook page and an EP Twitter account.

I am also going to work on the site theme a bit more over there. I have found a template that I think I will like better, once I heavily customize it of course. So that will take some work in the next week or so. Between that and getting a jump on my “To-Read” pile, been rather busy. I also sometime plan on cataloging my book collection into a database. (My collection has grown to the point I think it’s needed. I believe on rough count I have now passed the 500 book mark.) Also, sometime in the next month or so, need to run down and pick up that bookshelf from MN.

February is shaping up to be a busy month as well. My weekends are pretty much booked from the 19th on. JRFD Fishing Derby, State Fireschool + Humane Society Fundraiser, followed by Team State Darts. So should be a marathon 3 weekends in a row, but good stuff all.  I think there might be something else in there that I am forgetting – but no matter, should be plenty to keep me busy!

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