Link Roundup 7.7.10 Edition

By | July 7, 2010

Here are a few links from around the web today that I found interesting:

SSD vs Hard Drives Comparison via Slashdot

I actually found the Slashdot discussion more interesting than the post or linked article itself.  Personally, I am sold on the SSD drive for a primary OS drive.  The performance increase is will worth the money.  (For reference, I am running a 60gb SSD as my OS drive with a 7200rpm drive as my data storage drive.  That is working very well for me.)

Finding the best WiFi Broadcast Channel  via Lifehacker

Tweaking your wireless router settings may increase the reliability of your setup.  Typically I change the broadcast channel from the default as a precaution against any interference, though the number of AP points in range of my house is fairly limited.  It is just good practice though since you should be going into the tools and changing the default password along with throwing at least a basic encryption setting on there.

Win a BlackBerry Bold 9650 via BerryScoop

The contest may well be over by the time I get this posted, but worth checking out.  BerryScoop has plenty of interesting posts on all sorts of BlackBerry related topic.  (As an advid user of my crackberry I enjoy the site.)

Business Casual Comic for 7.7.2010

I love this comic strip though also amused at the hype factor in folks electronics selection.  If you haven’t checked out the strip before – make sure to do so!

Well that is all for now!  Might have a follow up if I see some more good links.

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