NaNo Prep Friday 2

By | October 22, 2010

With just a little over a week of preparation for NaNoWriMo, today seemed to be a great time for another NaNo Prep Friday. The biggest thing I have been doing to get ready is jotting down ideas and generally brainstorming on *what* I actually want to write about. I have a synopsis, some notes, a couple of characters, and a (very) rough outline.

Other thing I have been working on myself is seeing what other folks use for their process.  As November gets closer, quite a few writing blogs have posts of some sort relating to NaNoWriMo.  Over on The WriteRunner for example, Andrew had a great post on character development.  Andrew has a number of great NaNo related posts, so certainly worth checking out!  He also has some good posts on plot development and plot structure.

Jane over on Writers Digest also had a good post.  While not a NaNo’er herself, she did a good writeup with suggestions and links to four other articles that might be of use to folks.  Take a look around – there are a number of great articles out there with useful advice.  Don’t forget to check out the forums too of course.  A lot of tips and suggestions.  Seeing how other folks do things may help.  The key is to not get discouraged.

Next to last, I am working on tweaking my writing setup this year.  I am using FreeMind to work on the plot structure and simple text files to hold notes.  As soon as the beta for Scrivener for Windows is out, I will start migrating into that application and getting things organized.  That way I can hit the ground running on November 1st.

Last but certainly not least, I have been collecting desktop Wallpapers and whatnot that I can use during the month.  There is a whole thread on NaNo Wallpapers for 2010.  A lot of great ones in there. A few good examples….

(75k and 100k versions are available as well.)

(Some great Harry Potter variations.  Follow the thread for different sizes.)

(A few versions of this one, but I love it.  Helps that I have a mug like that on my desk.)

As a stats junky (it is either the geek in my or I do way to much reporting at my day job), I also like to track my writing status outside of NaNo.  This thread on the forums has a few different options for tracking your NaNo progress.  The various spreadsheets folks have made allow you to do a little more in depth analysis of how your writing is going etc.

Basic rule is – whatever helps keep you going and inspires you.  Have fun and good luck!

4 thoughts on “NaNo Prep Friday 2

  1. Jakob Barnard Post author

    *TRYING* to be very organized.

    See last year I was starting with the concept I had the year before (08) and never wrote. So the story concept had a good amount of time to percolate. This year, coming up with one from scratch – so trying to organize a head of time so I don’t stall out right away 🙂

  2. Shellie - Layers of Thought

    Sorry about spelling your name wrong.. ;(
    Would you mind if I included you in a NaNoWriMo list? – your links are really very helpful, as well as your organization…
    I would like to build some alternative community around the event. So many bigger blogs which are not always well deserved get most of the attention.
    It may bring in some lurkers ???


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