NaNoWriMo – Happy Thanksgiving Update

By | November 25, 2010

Wow, where has the month gone? Between work, Fire Dept, NaNoWriMo, and other projects 3/4ths of the month have just flown by. First, Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers! Adding NaNo into the mix proved enough to hit max capacity for the month, but still has been immensely enjoyable along with the usual ups and downs of trying to crank out that much text.

My progress has been mixed.  I didn’t hit any of the increased goals this year and have struggled from time to time to keep on track for the 50k.  Last weekend I was able to have two 3k days to bring myself back on track.  I had been hoping to get ahead to finish by Thanksgiving.  We are heading out of town, so I will be away from a computer from Friday to Sunday, so no writing during that time.  That will only give me Monday and Tuesday evenings/night to get finished up.  Since I didn’t, I pulled in my reserve today.

Now my reserve is an interesting thing.  I put all writing work that isn’t directly related specifically to the main story in a separate location that isn’t included in my daily wordcounts.  (In Scrivener which I have been using the Windows beta during NaNo this is really easy.  I created a folder in the Research section and been placing a copy of work in there.)  This has included blog posts, hardware reviews, a couple of random story ideas unrelated to this specific one, totaling around 5k worth of text.  Since it is work completed within the month of November, I track it.  It counts, but i like to keep it separate from the main work.  I keep it in reserve in case anything comes up that i get behind.  Now that is my interpretation of NaNo rules.  Others might disagree whether or not it should be considered valid text.

Personally, I view NaNo is not only helping get a body of text to edit, but helping develop consistent writing habits.  So far this year, I have discovered I have a much higher words per hour count than I did last year.  Last year I was satisfied if I hit 750 words in a hour.  This year, I found during sprints i could hit 1200 words in 30 minutes.  Now averaged out over a hour or two, I have been somewhere in the 1200-1600 words per hour range.  This is at least double of what I was doing last year.  Now, it isn’t really the speed of the typing.  I have always been able to type fast.  It has been that I am far more confident in writing down as I develop a concept.  So, I would say it is confidence that has increased in productivity.

All in all, I am very happy with my NaNo progress this year.  The story itself, I think it will need a lot more work editing than the one I did last year.  Though, that is ok.  After this NaNo, I plant to shelve this novel if I am at a stopping point in the plot and go back to editing the one from last year.

Well, that is enough for now – hope everyone else is having a good Nano month!

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