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By | September 16, 2010

Recently I welcomed a new Book Reviewer to the site.  I have already posted her first review.  Today I would like to plug her blog From the Midwest to the Mediterranean.

There were a few reasons why she has started doing reviews here on Epic Plains.  The easiest one is because we both agreed it would be fun.  Basically it is as simple as that.  Another big part is though I enjoy her writing style.  It is fun, descriptive, and really gives the reader a visual.

For those who have never lived in a foreign country, it is a fascinating journey about life in a middle eastern country.  Actually, even if you have it is quite interesting.  Myself, I lived in Saudi Arabia from 1984-1986, which I was too young to really remember.  However, I do remember when my family lived there again from 1989-1991.  It has been interesting comparing what parts I recall from living in a Muslim culture though those experienced as a female the age I am now.

So it is worth the stop over to check out her blog.  Life in Turkey is a bit different from the plains of North Dakota.  Paige takes the time to write about her experiences over there both professionally and personally.  She also quite frequently discusses cultural differences, particularly from a female perspective.  As I mentioned earlier, not something I experienced myself.  It really is a great insight into the culture over there from an outsiders perspective.  I encourage you to check it out.

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