Preparing for NaNoWriMo

By | September 29, 2010

It’s almost time for that thing again.  You know, that thing where all those writers get together (either in person or online) and hunch themselves over their preferred writing device (notepad and pen, notebook, laptop, slate and chisel) and write until they get cramps in their hand so bad that they can no longer continue.  Yep, I’m talking about NaNoWriMo!

As I write this, Jake has several update posts queued up throughout November.  They’re all skeleton posts; titles and not much more, but once it begins, they’ll get all fleshed out and ready to go.

Last year was my first real attempt at NaNo.  And I won!  Well, insomuch as you can win NaNo.  But, I got the cool certificate to print off and even bought myself the winner t-shirt.  So, I’m one for one.

When November rolled around last year, I had very little going into the game.  I had a hand drawn map and a 500 word short story that were the loose basis for the novel that I intended to write.  What a mess!  Such a mess, in fact, that I haven’t even finished the first edit of it.  Part of that is my own lazy tendencies, but part of it is that it’s such a mess.  So, this year, I’m going to try it a little differently.  I’m going to attempt to layout a outline of the novel.  I’m going to try and build the characters a little before I throw them into the world.  Oh, and I’m not going to try and write a fantasy novel this time.  I haven’t entirely decided which genre this new one will fall into, but I’m thinking that Science Fiction will be the best fit.

The plot is still forming and there is only a character or two waiting, but they’re brewing for late October when I will start putting together all the notes and such for the outline.  Then, November 1, it’s off to the races!

If you’re planning on giving NaNo a try this year, let Jake and I know.  Misery loves company!  Er, ah, we could build a nice support system!  Yeah, that’s it!  Support systems!  Heck, if you’re in the area, we might even try and find a time to hold a bit of a write-in! (You can connect with us on our NaNo pages here: Shane or Jake)

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