Received Books

By | February 16, 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, I did add a new page on Epic Plains.  I have added a “Received” page.  This is books I have received for review through either Goodreads Contests, Author Contests, Advanced Reader Copies from the Publisher, etc.  I have seen other sites do this in the interest of disclosure and liked the idea.

Of course I hadn’t anticipated receiving so many in the same month, so I am a little behind on reviewing those.  I plan on getting through at least a couple of them in the next week.  I do like reviewing books since some of them are outside my usual genre.  This is sometimes a good and a bad thing.  I have found authors I like this way, and also found books I could barely get through.

Adding to this working on a short story for a writing contest, should be a busy month!

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