Rolling into February

By | January 31, 2010

Wow, somehow we are rolling into February 2010 already.  I am behind on my photo project, yet I kind of suspected that would happen.  I have been focusing on things over at Epic Plains and that is going pretty well actually.  I have been doing a lot of book reviews and am managing about twice as many as I have planned on.  Which there is some good and bad to that.

The bad part being I am also behind my schedule for editing and expanding my novel and the photo project.  Yet there are some good things with that too.  I just have a big stack of really good books I have wanted to get through.  As a result I have also gotten a few advance reader copies to read/review for authors.  That has been fun.  One of those down and a couple of more in the mail actually.  (One book, Riddle of Berlin the author is sending a signed hardcover for me to review and a signed paperback to host a giveaway.) I hadn’t planned on doing quite so many book reviews, but it has been fun to do more of them.  Also, I am trying to also review books that I am not the biggest fan of along with the ones I really like.  It has been an extra little challenge for myself.

Sorting and re-shelving my book collection was a bit of a time consuming project as well.  That and working on grant paperwork for the fire department.  All in all it has been a busy start to the year, yet fun.  Swing on over to my other site.  I have done plenty of reviews this month, so you might find a book you want to pick up!

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