Scifi Short Draft

By | April 21, 2010

Well I am pretty happy with my writing this week.  Writing a short story proved to be a little more difficult than I planned.  I remember first looking at the word cap of 4,000 words and thinking – wow that is going to be quick and easy to hit.  Just a little cleanup and I will be done.  I mentioned it back in December when I first had the idea for this story and made some notes.

After writing the initial scene, I realized all of the plot elements I kicked off were impossible in a short story.   It was a decent start to a novella or a full novel, but not a short.  It was interesting trying to focus more on just a section since there wouldn’t be time or space for a full.

Now it’s off to editing and revisions but the core is there.  This is decently in front of the end of April deadline I gave myself.  So I am looking forward to revising it and polishing it up.

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