Writing Excuses – Writing Prompt from Sept

By | October 8, 2010

I wrote about the Writing Excuses podcast last month. I have selected my favorite one from Septembers episodes and will be sharing it with you.

I have gone back and forth whether to post this or not. It is rough writing meant more as practice than publishable material. So I don’t have the full text posted at the moment, but I probably will in the future. So keep an eye out.

Below are the different prompts from September.

Writing Prompt:

From Episode 5.1 on 9/07/10: Brandon, Dan, Howard, and Producer Jordo all walk through a room, and each of us sees the room differently.

From Episode 5.2 on 9/12/10: A physical attribute that in some way influences the character’s religion

From Episode 5.3 on 9/19/10: The main character has a secret. Write from that character’s point of view, but keep the secret from the reader

From Episode 5.4 on 9/26/10: “I have coated my left hand with magical ink.”

Now all of these were interesting actually. The most entertaining to work with was the last one and magical ink. The most difficult, so probably most important, one was from the 19th. I should say initially I found this one difficult. After some pondering and a couple of rough starts it actually went pretty well. The realization that a character isn’t going to discuss the secret with himself very often made it easier. The goal here is to have the secret influence the characters monolog/action, but not outright state the secret.

In mine I had a character who their secret was that they were color blind. They didn’t like it to be known. So while writing a scene with this, the character got out of simple things such as having to drive by making different excuses. It wasn’t the best, but it worked to practice the concept.

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