Dude – what happened to your other site?

By | October 18, 2013

If you have visited this site before, or one of my other sites (I will get to that shortly) you might notice some changes around Olorinpc.com.  I am currently in the process of redesigning and refreshing the entire site.  The site code had been kept up to date, but the theme, content, etc I had let become rather dated.

This had to do a lot with brand fragmentation.  Basically over the course of a few years with blogging is that instead of incorporating all of my content into a single location, I developed niche sites related to a specific topic.  This worked in part due to the highly focused nature of the site, however it resulted in maintaining many different “brands.”  (Not to mention maintaining 6 different sites and their code, themes, etc.)  In the end I discovered that I spent far more time trying to maintain different sites than I did actually writing for those sites.  Writing being the reason I started blogging in the first place.

In the end, I decided to return to my original “brand” of Olorinpc.com.  I imported and recombined the posts and pages from epicplains.com, jakobbarnard.com/jakebarnard.com, and modeltrainrookie.com. Four sites I decided to simply discontinue and point to olorinpc.com: midwesttechreviews.com, sapbisource.com, axaptasource.com, and analyticsalley.com.  I took MTR offline a while back due to some nasty malware that I was never able to fully purge from the database, so sadly lost all of those tech related posts.  AXS, SAP, and AA – two of those are old professional sites relating to a specific product that were no longer maintained and no longer making anything in the way of income.  AnalyticsAlley was going  a new site, but decided anything on that topic to simply correctly tag and categorize here.

The result is that instead of maintaining 8 different sites, which normally ended up being maintenance instead of writing, there is a single site/blog to write for and keep up to date.  If you have gotten to this site from a link to one of those other sites – that is why.  It is going to take a bit of effort, but I will be continuing to clean up the categories and organize the site to account for the unified purpose it now serves.

I hope you all enjoy the changes – please send in feedback!

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