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From Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Back

My home desktop is several years old.  I don’t game much, so keeping up with the latest and greatest isn’t really on my list of things to do.  If you’re a gamer, you want the latest and greatest because it gives you a richer experience.  And it gives you an edge over the competition; if… Read More »

Daktronics Builds World’s Largest HD Video Display

Daktronics of local(to us) Brookings, South Dakota created and installed the world’s largest high definition video display.  The display, installed in Miami Dolphins stadium, measures 50 feet high and 137 feet across.  Gizmag has more details and techeblog has a video of the display in action.  Good to see some upper midwest companies get a… Read More »

Apple Console Rebuttal

A reader has commented on our speculation about “Apple’s Next Move” as possibly producing a console system. I found this an intriquing line of discussion and thought I’d bring it up again with my comments and responses to the readers comment. See the original article here. 1. Christian Koster says: Look, Apple is not entering… Read More »

Portable Apps and USB Thumbdrives Continued..

Well I got really excited this evening when I saw that there is a portable thumbdrive version of OpenOffice 2.1. Ever since I picked up a couple 512mb thumbdrives on sale on Radioshack I’ve been looking for new applications and utilities to load them up with for service calls and portable computing when I’m away… Read More »

Best DVD Media

I thought this was a nice concise list of DVDR media and their rated quality. I’ve seen many other lists that have lengthy reviews and tests but this is nice in that it arrives at a simple list for easy reference. Check it out.

USB Thumb Drive – Sandisc Cruzr Micro 512mb

I just picked up a SD Cruzr Micro 512Mb thumbdrive today. Got a good deal on it at Radioshack. They have them for $29.99 in-store after instant $10 rebate that isn’t always advertised on the tag. They’re definately handy as hell, the first thing I did was copy Portable Firefox to it (Jeez what else… Read More »